Ariel Hosts Online Music Lessons

Even if you can’t get out, we can reach out to you via the Ariel Academy. You can enrich your life with music lessons from members of The Ohio Valley Symphony. 

The Ariel Academy is designed to help you find a teacher to guide you through your musical journeys. Whether you need to find a piano teacher for your first grader or are a professional taking orchestral auditions, a college student needing help with music theory or an aspiring composer needing guidance, you can set up one or more lessons with one of The Ohio Valley Symphony’s musicians.

Now is your opportunity to study music digitally right from the comfort of your own home with professional musicians who have a solid background of education and professional performance expertise. Peruse the choices, contact one or more and then set up a time convenient for you both. Make this time at home count.

Visit our website at and go to Ariel Academy to look through our Ohio Valley Symphony musicians, soloists and conductors.