Holzer Home Care Services

Recovering from an illness, injury or hospitalization can pose challenges for patients returning home. Once referred by your physician, Holzer Home Care services is available to care for you and help improve your health.

“Home health is supportive care provided in the home utilizing a multi-disciplinary team of nurses, therapists and home health aides,” Ramona Jenkins, Director of Home Care, Holzer Health System, said.

Home care provides services for patients of all ages, while those who are older may require more assistance. Holzer Home Care offers skilled nursing with a certified lymphedema nurse and wound care nurse as part of our staff, We offer  home health aide, physical/occupational therapy and Speech Therapy services.  On call staff is available 24-hours a day and serves 10 counties: Gallia, Meigs, Athens, Lawrence, parts of Ross, parts of Pike, parts of Scioto, Jackson, Vinton and Mason County, West Virginia.

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed a variety of normal care routines. Holzer Home Care staff continues to keep the patients they care for and themselves safe while delivering quality health care.

“Staff members take all necessary precautions to keep the patient, family, community and themselves safe by wearing masks, using appropriate hand hygiene and following World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines,” Jenkins said.

For more than 30 years, Holzer has been providing quality home health services through a compassionate and caring staff base. Jenkins shared that working with a patient in their home allows her to feel like she’s a part of the patient’s family, and that is her favorite part of the job.

Holzer’s dedicated home health team will work closely with your physician to develop a comprehensive care plain tailored to your needs. Holzer begins with a careful assessment of your health needs and home environment so complete care can be safely provided. For more information on Holzer Home Care services, call 1-888-225-1135 or visit