Holzer Recognizes National Rehabilitation Awareness Week

Holzer Health System is joining the National Rehabilitation Awareness Foundation, sponsor of National Rehabilitation Awareness Celebration, and more than 6,500 facilities nationwide in observing the occasion throughout the week of September 16-22.


National Rehabilitation Awareness week is designed to promote the value of rehabilitation; highlight the capabilities of people with disabilities; salute the professionals who provide service to people with disabilities; and increase awareness of the value and impact of rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation is a medical specialty that helps restore those who are affected by a potentially disabling disease or traumatic injury to good health and functional, productive lives, in addition to minimize physical or cognitive disabilities. It often centers on an interdisciplinary team approach to care by physiatrists (physicians specializing in rehabilitation); physical, occupational, respiratory and recreational therapists; speech and language pathologists; rehabilitation nurses; and other professionals who work with patients to restore the greatest level of function or independence. The rehab team helps individuals overcome obstacles and accomplish normal tasks of daily living.

Most Americans will require at least one rehabilitation service at some point in their lives. Rehabilitation is individualized so that each patient can progress at his or her own ability level. Statistics show that medical rehabilitation improves lives and saves money. For every $1 spent on rehab care, it is estimated that $11 are saved on long-term disability costs. People participating in rehabilitation programs of care are able to regain productivity and return to work, school and independent living.

The Holzer Health System – Gallipolis Medical Center Inpatient Rehab is located on the Fifth Floor of the hospital at 100 Jackson Pike, Gallipolis, and has provided services since 1991.  The primary purpose of the Rehab Unit is to assist patients and their families with the transition from an acute hospital setting to home.  Patients participate in a comprehensive rehab program consisting of at least three hours of therapy a day, five days a week.

The Inpatient Rehab will recognize the week with the 26th Annual Rehab Reunion on Wednesday, September 19 at 12 noon to 2pm in the Hospital’s French 500 Room. Former rehab patients and members of the community are invited for lunch, live entertainment is provided, and many door prizes will be available.  A variety of other events are planned for the week as well.

Holzer’s Inpatient Rehab Unit features a remodeled therapy area and LiteGait® equipment, the only one available in the area. The LiteGait® is an innovative gait-training device that enhances our services during the recovery process. Appropriate for use with a wide range of impairments, LiteGait® provides proper posture, reduces weight-bearing, eliminates the risk and fear of falling, and helps coordinate lower-extremity movement. Its unique harness design not only permits unilateral or bilateral support that allows progression of the weight-bearing load from non to full weight-bearing, but it also frees the therapist to observe gait patterns and make manual corrections in limb placement, weight shift and step timing.

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